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Dru account deletion steps

We avail to our users the option to delete their own account at any point of time through the following steps:-

Image 31-08-2023 at 5.25 PM.jpg

1- Click on Account

You can click on "Account from navigation bar at home screen

Image 31-08-2023 at 5.26 PM.jpg

2- Go to settings

From account screen you can select settings from the list

Image 31-08-2023 at 5.35 PM.jpg

3- Click on Delete account

At settings screen you can choose to delete your account

Image 31-08-2023 at 5.36 PM.jpg

4- Choose to Delete accoun

Informing you with the consequences of your actions


5- Confirm your action

Confirmation pop-up before proceeding with the deleting action

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